Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Cent$ Sunday: Take the decision out of my hands

Remember the closet Cher had in Clueless? I really wish I had that.

But since I can't fit electronic racks into my closet can I at least get that program? I would love to wake up and click "dress me" and voila! my lil comp comes up with the perfect outfit! yay! No thinking on my part! Does anyone know if there really is a program like that? If not, can you make one for me? ;)

Mon: pants: Cherokee: thrift: $5
sweater: Mossimo: MIL: free
tank: route 66: very old: ?
shoes: not rated: CIL (cousin): free
total: $5 (?)

holding up the walls
sucking it in..sucking it in...hurry..

Tues: pants: tahari arthurs.levine: AIL: free
tank: mossimo: AIL (aunt inlaw): free (just got two big bags from her and MIL--be prepared)
sweater: ?: AIL: free
shoes: flings: MIL: free
total: FREE

when coming across a fence, one must pose

unless one steps in something questionable

Wed: pants: new york & company: ross: $10
tunic: ?: AIL: free
shoes: to the max: walmart: 10
total: $20

running out of ideas

"let me think" click "well..that'll work"


Thur: pants: Harve Benard: thrift: $4
sweater set: colour works: AIL: free
shoes: bijou: chadwicks: 9
total: $13

jazz hands
bop bop sh'bop
making the fish face
Fri: skirt: prague: AIL: free
sweater: talbots: thrift: $1
t-shirt: FOTL: the hubs: (borrowed)
shoes: ? :thrift: 5
total: $6


my walking-away-but-looking-back look
peek a boo



Tanta Opa said...

LOVE, all the outfits here, would wear anyone of them. You look great in the gate outfit. I am going out and buy a sweater like that.

Anonymous said...

cupcake jazz hands ><