Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday's Best Of: End of month wrap-up

I haven't done a best of for a while so I got a ton of stuff to share! It shouldn't be so cram packed next time :)

best station/website for lounge music: I can't stop listening to it. So what if the commercials are in is universal, right? Besides the lyrics are mainly in English :) If you like lounge, kinda jazz music, this is for you. I listen to it to clean house, cook dinner, etc..

best news: Cupcake had a check up with her dentist and he said she was doing so good that the braces would be off this summer! It went down to a year and a half from the 4 that we originally told, Cupcake is quite happy :)

best buys on Ebay: truth: I have now become eddicted to Ebay! (ha,see what I did there?) I had a taste years ago but after my first buy or two I lost interest but now I'm back with a vengeance baby! okay...maybe not a vengeance but you know what I mean. I found these two to many little numbers right away and have already bid on lots of other stuff...mwahahaha!! <rubs hands gleefully>

Here's my January finds: (not to be worn together)

Rayure jacket: 8.99 spooner by prague skirt: .99 old navy boots:5.00. my purse got lost in the mail :(

February finds:

rayure jacket: 9.99 prague vest: 6.99 nickels shoes: 8.99 and purse below:

Etienne Aigner handbag - .99cents- yay!

best night of the week: Saturday. The Hubs and I finally got a night out. Our last time on a date was back in October so this was well needed. We went out with some friends to a couple of new places. I really dug The Lasy Eay (get it? no, seriously that's the name) they had one of the best cover bands I've heard in a long time, The Mach 5. The site doesn't do them justice they are really rocking live (plus it looks like they haven't updated it in a while). The drummer has tons of energy and I thought the singer did a good interpretation of the songs. I'll probably keep checking 'em out.

best freebies: I got these in the mail the past few weeks:

head & shoulders shampoo/conditioner, dental picks, dog food, vitamin c, cover-up and Pantene shamp/cond.

crest white strips, and another pic of the cover-up (?)

priority usps boxes, slim coffee, and omega 3's

Maggi soup mix and there's that coffee stuff
also can you believe the advertising for this one?!

8 pages for one lil shamp/cond. sample!!

best article: This is so, so true...funny...but true ;) It makes one wonder, when things take too long do we stop because we thought it would be easier than it is?'ll see

best mouthwatering site: everyday there's a new tempting, yummy, luscious, lip-smacking (you get the picture) picture.

Happy Birthday: My Little Monster turned 3! (whoa, I see I last updated last month, now Picky Pants birthday came too. Happy Birthday to Picky Pants!) (and no, The Hubs and I haven't gone out since then...)

best podcast: considering my new thing to eat healthy and start really exercising I like this podcast by DJ Steve Boyett called PodRunner: workout music. It's good foot-moving music. I started down at the bottom and am going to work my way up with a new one each week.

best pictorial: I came across this pictorial via another website (sorry whoever you were I should have bookmarked it!) These pics are really, really stupendous! I am a Scorpio so here's mine:

But please go here, fashionologie, for the all the signs. Aries kinda creeps me out a little. ;)


p.s. whoop i did it! I finished this post! and so did you, thanks for staying!! <big clap on the back>

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