Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Sappy love songs from movies

Who doesn't like a sappy love song every now and then? I woke up with one of these in my head (guess which one?) and it brought to mind other ridiculously corny songs. Yes, there's two by the schmultzmeister himself, Bryan Adams. He had quite the thing going in the '90's didn't he? Speaking of the '90's, have you seen this for the new show Portlandia?

How funny was that?! And how sad am I that I wouldn't mind living there?! (don't answer that!)

OK...on to the tunes....10 points if you can guess which movie they came from... ;)

Bryan Adams

Celine Dion

ok those were 'bout these...

Bryan Adams

Linda Ronstadt



ps. did one of these get stuck in your head too? mwahahahaha...


Sara Louise said...

Fievel! (the Linda one). lol- is it sad that I know that.

oh man, I'm now going to have Bryan Adams stuck in my head!

Meg! said...

Omg every time anybody talks about Portlandia (which is often, in Portland), I get that Dream of the '90s song stuck in my head! I love it! Haha so accurate.

And YES, I totally watch Mighty Boosh! It's one of my favorite shows ever.

Tanta Opa said...

WOW,Whoa, that takes me back. I loved Bryan Adams. Have you ever loved a women , ~MY FAVORIE~ . I still have your Bryan tape from way back. The girlie songs not crazy about, just ok. I loved Phoenix. Short and sweet.
Love the ad for Porlandia, now that brought a smile to my face.