Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Feelin' Frenchie

I think that if I listen to enough songs and watch enough movies in french that I will just absorb it and one day out of the blue i will wake up saying "bon matin j'aimerais quelque café s'il vous plaît". But alas, every day I wake up saying "what?! it's 6 o'clock already?" and in english, nonetheless. But now for your listening pleasure four songs I have found that really tickle my frenchie fancy. (click on names for english translations)


Olivia Ruiz

Tom Frager

Coeur de Pirate


p.s. How Little Monster got his name:

His fave shirt. He always points to the monster and says "me!"

Little Monster had to take a pic of me too! Hey, it's not always glamour city around here...                                                             

1 comment:

Tanta Opa said...

OMG, now I know why women fall head over heels in love with Frenchmen. I could listen to Tom Frager wishper songs in my ear all day.
***** 5 star day.