Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie Monday: I'm not that impressed

Maybe I should change the name of this to French Movie of The Week, because that is exactly what I watched...another romantic french comedy.

I also had a Netflix movie on the counter waiting to be watched.

Now, what these two movies had in common is that both main female leads, although actresses in their own right, are both more famous for whom they are now attached to.

Heartbreaker Poster  HeartBreaker was the romcom. It's about three people who run an un-matching-making business. See, people hire them out to disentangle their sisters, daughters, friends from boyfriends that they think are creeps. With Romain Duris as the dude who does the actual dirty work, so to speak, it's easy to see why these ladies fall for his standard shpeel.
Good premise, actually and pretty funny for the first 20 minutes or so. But....then it kinda falls to the wayside. Pretty much at the part where Alex meets Juliette - played by none other then Johnny Depps wife/girlfriend Vanessa Paradis! I have heard her singing before and actually like this one song:

Link: Vanessa Paradis - L'incendie

But when it comes to her acting....bleh! Let me repeat...I wasn't that impressed. She pretty much had this same expression throughout the whole film:
Reading some reviews beforehand (which I don't usually do) someone had wrote that Jennifer Aniston could have done this part. About 45 minutes into the film I thought "they're wrong, Madonna could've done this part"....5 minutes later Juliette turns to Alex and tells him to run next to her because she feels like Madonna, funny huh?

Near the end of the film Juliette abandons her car and takes off running. "Running where?", you ask. I have no idea where she thought she was going to go, I even yelled "Where are you running to you silly twit?"

The saving grace of this film were the two characters that made up the rest of the trio, Melanie and Marc, Alex's sister and brother-in-law. They were what kept the movie laughable otherwise this would dragged on and on and been really stupid.

with a face like that he's gotta be funny.

The second film was Mr. Brooks, starring none other than the Countess of Cougartown, the dirty dancing dame (check out vid below), Demi Moore!

is that Elaine?!

With this movie I was so not impressed that I didn't even watch it. Just the back of the envelope made it sound snooze worthy. It sat on my counter for three days as I told myself to watch the damn thing. Eventually I tired of it's mocking red envelope and finally sent it back.

So if you've seen this one, is it as snooze worthy as I expected or were you pleasantly surprised by Demi Moore's oscar winning performance? (strike that last comment it was unfair)

But, seriously, who doesn't love this little gem?

really, I wuv this film. weren't those guys too cute!!

ps. c'mon i know you're still laughing over that video... :)

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