Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tasty Thursday: It's hip to be square*

Hmmm....what's been going on in my household, foodwise?

I've done some baking. Thanks to Andrea over at Get your feast on! for some yummy recipes. I made her eggless cookies and banana bread. The banana bread turned out awwwesome! It was very kid friendly, as Little Monster helped pour and stir and all the kiddies liked it; so much so that it was gone in two days. As for the eggless cookies...(big sigh)...they turned into hockey pucks. I don't think it had anything to do with the recipe but that my oven tends to run hot and if you turn your back on it and go read a blog (cough, cough) then, well...burnt city. The recipe sounded yummy and her picture made them look mouthwatering, so I'm determined to make them again. Sometime.

I also made Picky Pants a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles for her birthday. That turned out great! Picky Pants doesn't normally like strawberries but she really, really liked this. Sorry for no pics, my hands were pretty full that day and I didn't remember till the cake was half-eaten already.

I did eat this. Haven't had Wendy's for a while and a huuuge craving so swung by one day and got this:

Yuuuumy!! It didn't disappoint! The produce was fresh and I actually remembered to tell them "no mayonnaise" this time so it wasn't all gooped up either! Although with two pattys this is definitely an indulgence.

The Hubs and I have been wanting to try out this friendly neighborhood German delicatessen. Finally, we did. I didn't like the smell of the place when I walked in and it seemed kinda deserted. They had some German specialty items on the shelves and beer in the fridge, but at 20.00 or so for a 6 pack I passed. Even the singles were like $4-6 but I did think "some other time". The Hubs and I looked over the menu and I ordered a bratwurst. The menu said sausage with bread and it had 5 different types of sausages to choose from. Now to my brain I was thinking roll when I saw "bread" but instead I got this:

Hmmm...a shriveled up sausage with two pieces of bread and some really wet potato salad. Oh, and some spicy mustard. Not what I was expecting. The brat was actually alright, the casing had a nice snap and it was mildly spicy. I cut the sausage in half and rolled each half in the bread. Which really didn't work, the bread broke in half, of course. What was I supposed to do with it? Do I cut the brat length wise, spread some mustard on the bread then put the sausage on the bread, a la sandwich? (I actually just thought of that, dang it!)  The potato salad was not very good. A little wet for my liking. I picked out the bigger chunks of potato and ate those, it did have a nice dressing with big pieces of parsley, but I wouldn't have it again. The Hubs had a veal bologna sandwich on rye bread (no pic). He said it was outstanding! I don't know...veal? My meal was $5.99 and his $6.99. For that price I might as well just go to Togo's - now that place I like!
The kiddies and I swung by a little hot-dog stand that we only go to like once a year. The line is always long and the prices are very reasonable. "Where's that?" you ask. Would you believe me if I said Costco?! Yes, that's right kids, Costco. They have a food stand out in front of their warehouse with hotdogs (polish or beef), pizza, sundaes, coffee and...hmmm, I think that's about it actually. We went and got this:

A polish dog on a nice sesame bun with a coke for....$1.50!!  Can you believe that?! What a great deal and the hot dogs are always fresh never just sitting for hours. I add onions and mustard to mine. But this place is sooo out of the way and since I'm not really a member of Costco I have no excuse to go more than like once a year.

Wow. I just ate a lot of meat the past two weeks or so. Hrmmm....maybe I should change Tasty Thursday to Go On a Diet and Stop Eating Like a Kid Thursday!!


*ps. couldn't stop myself from singing this song as I left Wendy's...

Huey Lewis and The News

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