Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tasty Thursday: Plan B or C?

I don't have anything tasty to share.

I thought I would go ahead and get that out of the way. I haven't tried any new restaurants (although I am thinking I might have time today scratch that, I didn't have time).

The Hubs did cook up hamburgers for dinner twice. One had cheddar cheese and sauteed onions and one was plain with avocado slices, as Rachel Ray might say, "It was delish!".

So at times like this it's a good thing I always have a plan b and c and d and...

My plan b:

truth: I pick up old discarded grocery lists. I then like to imagine what the discardee would be cooking with the various items. Like this one - what are they gong to make? I went to my handy dandy Kraft site (i use kraftcanada just to be different)...and couldn't find a recipe that incorporates these ingredients, probably because these are pretty basic. I guess one could make egg sandwiches or put grapes in their cottage cheese...do bananas and cottage cheese go together?
I don't think so...I just made myself a bit queasy thinking of the combination. (after having kids my queasiness threshold is very low)....What recipes can you come up with? What is the person like who wrote this? What can you tell by the handwriting? Do they put their left shoe or right shoe on first?  Let your imagination go wild, people!

My plan c:
I like globes. I like to travel. I want to go everywhere. Seriously. There is no place that I don't want to at least visit. My plan C involves Picky Pants and a globe. I had her spin the globe, stick out her finger and where it stops nobody knows. Whatever country her finger landed on we would research what that country's "specialty" is, so to speak. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am not food adventurous. I stick to the tried and true. I'm afraid of seafood, strange meats, strange smells. So, this globe thing is my way of being an armchair traveler and researching dishes. Maybe this will take the mystery out of things that I would normally wrinkle my nose at and I will be excited to try out these strange new foods!

First up is North Korea (thank you Picky Pants!).

Pyeongyang Manduguk, a dumpling soup, looks delicious! These little dumplings are packed full of everything I like and only a little bit of what I don't - tofu. (never been a big fan - but i've only had it once, so....)

 Look...fried mandu! Looks yummy :) my stomach is growling. (maybe because I haven't had lunch yet). 

aside: Doing the little research that I did, it seems like NK is suffering a major food crisis (by the way, can that article be any shorter?) so now I feel like a fat uninformed American (ok. a little harsh..that's just how i personally felt) stupid worrying about my food quirks when 24 million people are worrying about getting food (any food) on their plates.


(by the way, can I be any less uninformed?! Damn I need to read more world news!)

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