Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Cent$ Sunday: C'mon everybody

let's participate! I'm not an official OOTD blogger and normally don't like to participate in things but for some reason this seems really fun. It's called Everybody Everywear and it's a once-a-month thing where everybody wears a predetermined item of clothing on a certain day. For example on March 8th, everybody everywhere is supposed to sport their polka dots. For February it was blazers and so on. I participated in February but forgot to take a picture and post it. So let's see if I can actually remember the date, dig out my polka dots and take a picture to post. Make it a hat trick ;)

Here's the outfits I wore the past week (good and bad* ;)

jeans: Hydraulic-ross-10
t-shirt: gap-thrift-3
sweater: hand me down-?-free
socks: ?-.99cent store-.99(obvi!)
boots: old navy-ebay-5
scarf: ?-thrift-2
TOTAL: $21

my obligatory heart i guess this was v-day

see? i finally did the socks-over-the-jeans thing

whooops! leaned too far forward
sweater: high sierra:thrift-4
jeans: sweetheart-oldnavy-20
boots: oldnavy-ebay-5
TOTAL: $29

the headless turtleneck wearer is coming!! (ok. it was late and I was tired ;)

Did that mess my hair up?

nothing special on the bottom, just black and more black

sweater: puritan:thrift:3.50
jeans: delias:thrift:4
boots: chadwicks:chadwicks:10
TOTAL: $17.50

pop a squat or ewww...crotch shot! (sorry peeps!)

are those rain clouds I see?

it is! and i'm wearing wool! hurry!

sweater: ?:styles for less:5
tshirt: danskin:walmart:5
jeans: delias:thrift:4
shoes: converse:gift from The Hubs:free
scarf: ?:thrift:2
2nd sweater: designers originals:thrift:$.99(!)
snuggie: biglots:5 (ok it's actually a fuzzy wuzzie)
TOTAL: $22

may be sunny but it's freeeeezing!

okay warmer....

now too hot, too hot!!

coat: rafaella:church rummage sale:$1.00 (!) (background: I got there right when it was closing and they gave me a grocery bag and said to fill it for $1. I was able to put this and three other things in that bag!)
dress: ?:handmedown:free
shoes: capelli:walmart:7

trying to look suave in my peacoat

awkward stance because i'm not too sure about this 'fit.

last time i wear this thing...don't really like it

don't you just love a big 'ol snuggie?? (or fuzzy wuzzie as it were)


*p.s. so for the bad...I got rid of the purple dress and the red turtleneck, I'm still waffling on the tan turtleneck...

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Brittany D'Lynne said...

I was just thinking I needed to pop over to everybody, everywhere and see what the next challenge was. And I'm not sure why you don't like that purple dress - I think it looks great!!