Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Hope and Blazers

You see that little box on the sidebar that says something about a writers workshop? It's been up for about three weeks and I have yet to participate. That changes today.

So sometimes on Wednesday it will become Wednesday's Writings - or something - I'm still playing around with it ;)
This weeks prompt that I chose was:
2.) April is national poetry month…Write a poem about hope.

Hope - A Haiku

Hope is a four letter word.
To be used rarely.
I would rather live today.

Thank you

Now for our (semi-) daily feature

blazer: tahiri-handmedown-free
blouse: pronto/uomo-thrift-4(ish)
leggings: xhiliration-walmart-8(ish)
shoes: hushpuppies-thrift-5

total: $17 (ish)

Sorry gang, gotta endure one more day of The Hubs taking pictures. He messes around with focus and brightness till it's all blurry and stuff. Plus, he didn't even tell me my hair was sticking up*!

It's raining here. I wanted to go comfy and since I feel comfortable in black...
I have also decided that I'm going to start wearing shirts and jackets in order of how they are hanging in my closet. I reach for the same things time after time so I need to shake it up a bit.* I always reach for black, white or red and never the blues or pinks that are hiding in the very back. This boucle jacket has a light pink base with stripes of pink, blue and black. It has a lot of versatility, I can tell already.


*now if only I would buy a digital camera.


Donna said...

I, too, am a big advocate of the present moment and of your outfit. Great haiku!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Liking the chanel inspired jacket!

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