Friday, March 4, 2011

Best of Fridays: A hodgepodge of stuff

the best my abs have felt for months: It hurts. As I'm cleaning up the house - or swab the deck as I affectionately call it* - it hurts to do a twisting type motion. But it hurts sooo good! On Sunday I discovered Random Abs. A delightful little site that posts random ab exercises every day. I like the random factor so that I don't have to come up with the exercises. It even shows a 20 second clip so you know exactly what a push-through is (I didn't).  I've been doing it every other day since Monday, I'm sore but feel like I'm doing something. Even when I'm watching the boob tube I can be accomplished, people! Tonight while I'm watching Supernatural I can be doing planks and push-throughs. Then follow up with a blizzard. I can do this!

best of the worst: I don't watch the academy awards. I don't watch any kind of award show. Well...except for the times I'm roped into watching the Nickelodeon awards. Thankfully, the kiddies forgot about it this year. (Now I just got the rerun to watch out for).
But I do tune into the worst dressed list every year. That is my awards show! hehehe :) This year the worst really wasn't that bad in my opinion. I think everyone looked glamorous and red carpet ready. Of course, Helena Bonham-Carter didn't disappoint with her own unique gothic-romantic-bag lady style*.

lester cohen/ from
But I like her particular brand of crazy, so this works for me. Except....what is that hanging from her leg? They said it was a garter belt...but...maybe a good luck charm??

*what exactly is going on here?!
I have yet to look at the best dressed list (where's the fun in that? ;). But what did you guys love or hate?

the best Johnny Depp has ever looked: JK, because seriously if one always looks good can there really be a best?!
OK, y'all know I have a celeb crush on the 'ol JD. I mean, seriously what hot-blooded woman doesn't...even if you don't like him, let's be honest here you know there's a particular movie you thought he looked good in.... ;)
I came across this article at nextmovie and in it Old Red Jalopy drew eight movie stars animation style. (who is Old Red Jalopy, you ask? They are a company that draws original movie, music, tv posters and pretty cool looking if you ask me - I like the A-Team and mom, you would like this one.)

Old Red Jalopy from
 See what I mean?! Scroll through the rest, I also like the Natalie Portman.

best news blooper:  It's funny when reporters mess up. Check out this lil clip, Picky Pants and I had a good laugh before school this morning.

What makes me laugh is how hard his co-anchor is laughing while trying to hide it and be professional! I think they would be a hoot to go drinking with!


* Why is it that when it's Swab The Deck day The Hubs decides that it's a good day to take the kiddies for a hike and he's out the door in 20 minutes flat? Why do I just happen to want to clean the house when he's home? ;)

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BESOS LYNN said...

I love bag lady chic! I am often dressed bag lady chic on the weekends. I usually refer to it as a costume, great post!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!