Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday's Reads: sitting, waiting, wishing

I finished Outcast.

I put the next book, Omen, on hold at the library.

I went to Barnes and Noble and they didn't have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in stock. The paperback doesn't come out till May.

I'm waiting.

I guess my back up book will now be cracked open.

In between pleasure reading this is what I'm reading for not-pleasure, ie. home work.

The last two books I have to read. (for now)

I'm sitting.

At the computer, not wanting to read, not wanting to write.

I'm staring at my calendar of Paris landmarks.

I'm wishing.

Daydreaming that I am there.

La fontaine de Mers
courtesy Remi Jouan
Sitting at a wrought-iron table with a cappuccino by my left hand and a pen in my right. Waiting for the man I love to meet me. Wishing to stay here forever.


p.s. not the title song but a song to get you daydreamin'

Billie Holiday - April in Paris


Kayla said...

So excited to see what you put on your 101 in 1001 list! Email me when you post it or if you ever have any questions about how I fixed my goals!

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Henar said...

Aaw, this is beautiful !
I love it ! ♥


Sofi Stellar said...

Ohh, I'm daydreaming that I was in Paris, too. Maybe some day!