Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Cent$ Sunday: Redecorating the House. Part I

Last week I did something two somethings that I never thought I would do (and I have a very active imagination). <big breath>

I went to The Home Depot willingly and bought furniture!


That's right! I woke up and asked The Hubs to go with me to buy some sod and flowers and junk. I have decided to redo my backyard, and if by redoing you mean actually taking care to plant...then yes.

I picture a lush, green, flower filled wonderland. With a little plot for our few veggies and herbs. Ivy grows on one side of the fence and I picture putting in that corner a little table and chair that will be just perfect that mid afternoon respite.


Now, furniture. I bought a brand new couch and chaise lounge in a dark chocolate brown. I got them on the last day of the sale and at 20% off! (the next day they both went up $100!) I even floored myself when I told The Hubs I was buying those. What an experience buying furniture is, let me tell you! The store was packed because of the sale and by the time I got up to the counter I find out that they didn't even have my choices in stock. So now I have to wait two weeks!! All this time thinking about it, waiting in line, fighting the mad-house, having to take my mad (as in crazy like the mad hatter*) uncle to the store to help me (I asked him to wait in the car while I went in but he wanted to go see what I was buying, sorry The Store, truly) and then I don't get the satisfaction of sitting on them that night (they did offer me the floor thanks!)! aaarrrrggg!! Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks.....

So why is a non-martha stewart-type like me (honestly Cupcake's 5th grade projects look better than my 12th grade projects. I have proof, my mom still has 'em. I'll get her to take pictures) buying furniture? 

To tell you the truth, I live like I'm going to move soon. I have boxes still packed in my closet. I don't buy anything decorative because why if I just have to pack it up? I don't like packing. But I do like moving.

But...I have recently decided that if I buy pieces that I really like and reflect my personal style then I wouldn't be averse to loading them up to take with me and that I can make anywhere homey. you know what i mean? I hope so

When I tried to describe to my mom that style that I had chosen, modern-romantic-goth-lite, she was like "HUH?" hmmm... : /

This is what I would like my dining room to be:

This is what I ended up with:

That picture you can't really see is some creepy tree art I found at the Dollar Store. The main colors are grey, white, black with a little yellow. It's perfect for my decor and it was the only one. The picture above the comp I found at a thrift store for $2.  I think a little table with some kind of statue on it would be perfect next to the computer desk and some sheer curtains would add some more pizazz. I don't want to add to much more to the walls. Maybe a sconce or something...
I am happy with the results and feel proud of myself for actually busting out with some elbow grease! (and please don't judge my computer's a work in progress :) All total my "re-do" for dining room cost $47 (so far): 20 for rug,8 for flowers, 6 for fabric, 5 for placemats (got 4), 4 for vase, 2 for black and white pic, 1 for creepy art, 1 for Paris landmarks calendar.

I'm working on the kitchen next. I'm thinking about hanging some creepy tree art, like this:

Although creepy tree art reminds me of this: <shivers>

(sorry for the quality was the best I could find


* and not the cool johnny depp mad hatter! but uncle is all right. He just got me perturbed that day!  

p.s. boys are weird!

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