Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wearing: red, black and gold

 jeggings: Capelli, bb&b, $10
sweater: Dana Scott, thrifted, $3
boots: Decree, thrifted, $14

Hi, y'all.

I thought the hat warranted that type of greeting.

So, what to say today??

Hmm...I found these boots at a thrift store (finally!) barely worn, if at all, calve length, zippered, buckled, with a faux fur lining and my size! I had the cashier hold them for me while I ran to the ATM since they didn't take credit/debit. I had to have them. Five minutes after I gave them to her to hold some other lady was like "those are cute, if she doesn't come back call me I want them." I had to interject and say "Oh, I am coming back!"

So, today I paired 'em with these red jeggings I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were half off. I knew I shoulda gotten the blue pair too. I kick my butt for not. They are comfortable, soft and have back pockets. I only wear jeans/slacks with back pockets, I hate the "flat" butt look. Or whatever it's called.

The sweater is big and comfy and throws a li'l glitz into the whole thing.

Well...forgot to set out something to defrost for dinner tonite so gotta go to the store and buy a chicken dinner...dang it. ha!

Can I say I'm uber excited to see these two movies: The Sorceror and The White Snake and Tai Chi Zero?

Do y'all like fun kung fu movies too?

OK, that's enough rambling for now.

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Rebecca said...

You might want to take a run back to bb&b about those blue ones. The fit on those jeggings is terrific and it's a great look for you. And I am totally jealous about the boots. They were a great find!

readwatchrelax said...

Thanks! yeah, I've really got to go back and get a pair in every color!

Shana said...

Love those boots girl! I have yet to try jeggings but they look great on you!!! Thanks for linking up your finds!! Can't wait to see more!